Member Organizations

Our member organizations include:

  • Cambridge Surplus Food Distribution

    The Cambridge Surplus Food Distribution (CSFD) is a partnership with Second Harvest Heartland that aims to end hunger in our community, by distributing surplus food, such as over stocked, close-dated or bulk items to individuals and families who are in crisis or who’s  income does not exceed federal poverty guidelines.

  • Cambridge Center for The Arts

    The Cambridge Center For The Arts aims to make the arts available to all in the community. In the near future,  The Cambridge Center for the Arts plans to offer a variety of art and music  lessons as well as a selection of concerts,  performances and exhibitions.

  • Promote Prosperity Now!

    Promote Prosperity Now! works with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Malawi, Africa to help ensure that those in poverty are better able to make the move to prosperity.  We do this by identifying critical needs at the community level, and then identifying people and resources that can help address these needs.